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About us

With many years of experience in producing wooden items we are one of the leading manufacturer of furniture in Europe.

Headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland we have manufacturing facilities strategically located in Asia and Europe.

We are specialized in producing quality furniture at attractive prices for all areas of the home, in various styles and designs to match customers individual requirements.

Our distribution network is supplied from our warehouses in China and Europe. Our primary warehouse is centrally located in Germany, where we deliver products to all the European countries and to all other markets we ship containers from our productions from either China or Hungary.

- phoenix established 2007

- staff of total group > 800

- size of industrial park Hungary: 44.000 m²

- size of production Hungary: 18.000 m²

- size of industrial park China: 39.000 m²

- size of production China: 25.000 m²

- warehouse Germany: 38.000 m²

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warehouse Germany

leading production staff China

production Hungary

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